How Do You Work This Thing?

One of my favourite things about the Clipper round the World race is that anyone can do it, and the crew have a wide range of abilities from salty old seadogs to complete novices. The same applies to the race supporters and while we can follow the position of the boats on the Clipper Race Viewer or on Marine Traffic, some explanation is needed for the non-sailors. 

Over on the DtL supporters Facebook pagewe have some real experts who have taken the time to explain what is really going on. Louis Andors, who will be with us on Legs 7 and 8 has just explained about all the zigging and zagging, and Joe Schamuhn, who will be sailing Leg 6 on WTC Logistics, updates us about changing winds. 

A huge part of our Dare to Lead ethos is about encouraging the kind of leadership that enables others to reach their full potential (as opposed to charging off ahead without looking back). In this case it involves helping everyone else appreciate the skill and courage involved in the race as much as the ‘experts’ do.