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Sapinda Rainbow Ambassador Blogs

Ahead of the Clipper 2017-18 Race starting from Liverpool in August 2017, Mr Nqoba Mswazi (left) provided his thoughts on being a returning Sapinda Rainbow Ambassador, which can be found on the Sapinda Rainbow website.

All blog posts from Sapinda Rainbow Ambassadors from on board the boats since the race has started can be found below and on the News section of the Sapinda Rainbow website.

Leg 1 Day 15 (By Nqoba Mswazi)

Greetings to all

This is my first blog since I received the good news of re-joining the Clipper Race doing Legs 1 and 2. It all happened so quickly - sorting out visas and making it down to Gosport for training, Boat Preparation Week and then a sail up to Liverpool for the start.

When I joined Dare To Lead, I got a lovely welcome from the crew as they tried their best on pronouncing my name right. Being back on the Clipper 70s again felt so good - fast boat and good team spirit from our crew, which has the nickname of the “Dark Horses”.

As I gelled with the crew, the days were flying by and, before I knew it, it was Race Start. It’s been a good couple of days in the North Atlantic as we are trying our best to get the boat sailing well and we are chasing the guys up in front. Still early stages of the race as anything can still happen. Winds have been there for us but we seem to be on the wrong side when they start to turn making our tactics a bit difficult and we started losing positions. But we are still chasing. We have also experienced two spinnaker wraps, but not major ones, and we were able to get these fixed and carry on flying it.

I have to say it’s very nice being on a boat that can actually perform well. 11 days in the race and now I have realised that the basic things in life do really matter and can make your life so much easier – for example, the toilet seat and the flush button instead of the 20 pumps wet and dry!

We are now getting more south as the temperatures start to increase making sleeping and galley duties difficult. We have passed our first ocean mark which was the Scoring Gate. We decided on changing our course which we hope will pay off as we head for the Doldrums Corridor.

As the heat beats on us during the day, we are running out of squash on Week 2. Water bottles are used a lot now and the cups seem to be used less as soup has been out of the menu.

The next update will be on the other side of the Equator as we are about to cross to the southern side    

Cheers all